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Three big fires in one night for the Norfolk County Fire Department

A busy Saturday night for the Norfolk County Fire Department.

To start, fire crews were sent out Saturday night to a house fire in Teeterville.

Firefighters arrived quickly and initially entered the building to fight the fire but needed to evacuate at the conditions inside swiftly deteriorated.

In total 11 vehicles were sent out to this blaze that is believed to have started in the basement.

The home was considered a total loss, with the estimated cost of damage being $500,000.

The home was insured.

Meanwhile, another crew was sent to Port Dover less than an hour after the Teeterville fire was called in.

There was a fire on the second floor of a home and, with some assistance from the Haldimand County Fire Department, they were able to control the flames quickly.

Damage was pegged at $100,000.

During these two house fires, other Norfolk County crews were dealing with a significant grass fire as well.

The Norfolk County Fire Department wanted to thank the Haldimand County Fire Department for their support during this busy night.