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The fate of Misner Dam will be decided on Tuesday

One hurdle down, one more to go.

Last week, Port Dover residents had their hearts dashed after the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change sent a letter to the County asking for more studies to be completed on Misner Dam.

Thankfully, there was a misunderstanding, and the letter was ripped up, but Norfolk County Council is still dealing with the other elephant in the room: that $1.5 million price tag.

That’s how much it will cost to repair the dam, and when you take into account Norfolk County’s $1.1 million budget they set up back in 2009 and add the expenses today, including this the bid of $1.5 million; the county will now be spending $2.1 million on repairing the dam.

Last Tuesday, when everyone thought the issue would be addressed, a crowd gathered trying to sway our elected official’s minds.

One of those individuals was Tim Rodgers speaking on behalf of the Port Dover Yacht Club.

He spoke about a common fear that if the dam is not repaired, then the silt of the Lynn River will play a drastic role.


Council votes Tuesday.