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Port Dover Lions angered after council halts planned charity event due to safety concerns

A charitable event to support the Lynn Valley Lions Club got shot down at Town Hall due to safety concerns.

On Tuesday night, Lynn Valley Lions Treasurer Jeff Sidway went before our elected officials hoping they would not go with staffs recommendation to not allow their event.

The plan was to open up the former Wells bait property on the way to Port Dover on Friday the 13th for a Lions Biker Pit Stop.


The issue is the location.

They wanted bikers to pull into the property off of Highway 6 and Highway 24.

Because it was a special event, it needed to go through the proper channels with Fire, EMS, and Police all saying that due to traffic and their lack of resources it was not safe to hold an event there on what could be the busiest Friday the 13th in Port Dover’s history.

CAO David Cribbs made it clear that no one in the county likes the position they are in when it comes to not recommending this event go forward.


Staff was told that if the event went on as planned, it would delay any response time to the area should there be a large-scale emergency in the Lakeside Town and that there is not a single officer on duty that can be spared to monitor the area.

Our elected officials reluctantly voted not to allow the event.

Sidway told myFM that he is still debating setting up washrooms on the property with a donation bin as they do own the land, and as far as he knows from his talks with staff, having toilets on the property will be allowed.