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Organizers with the Lynn River Music and Arts Festival have less money to work with this year

The Lynn River Music and Arts Festival was penalized for not following the proper channels.

Last year, the Port Dover Board of Trade was approved for $5,000 to spend on bands for the August long weekend event at Wellington Park in Simcoe.

When Board of Trade President Adam Veri approached council again this year, he wasn’t welcomed with open arms like before.

Mayor Charlie Luke agreed to give the group some cash but only $3000.

Luke wanted to show support but also wanted to make a point that the county has a grant application process which goes out every year and this is now the second year the group has bypassed this and directly asked for cash.

Veri tells myFM the reason for the delay is that year to year, it is a debate whether or not this Port Dover group remains keeping this Simcoe event afloat.


Veri said at the October cut off date; it wasn’t set in stone that the Board of Trade would be continuing with the event.

With the $3000 instead of $5000, Veri predicts there will likely be reductions somewhere, whether it be small cuts to the music itself or if they can find cuts somewhere else.

He also said that they do have a few weeks ahead, and if more vendors do sign up, it may end up evening out the $2000 downfall.