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Misner Dam will be under the microscope at Townhall on Tuesday

Misner dam will be the talk of Townhall.

On Tuesday, a report looking at repairing the crumbling structure comes before our elected officials with the lowest bid coming in at $1.5 million.

When you take into account Norfolk County’s $1.1 million budget they set up back in 2009 and add the expenses today, including this the bid of $1.5 million; the county will now be spending $2.1 million on repairing the dam.

Five people are scheduled to speak on the matter.

One of those deputations will be Marion Gadsby from the Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association who argues that if you do not maintain and fix Misner Dam, then the fallout of the Lynn River will play a toll.


Misner dam deputations begin at 5 p.m.