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Martin is looking to represent voters in Ward 6 Port Dover

An entrepreneur and the primary voice for a new multi-use recreational facility is gunning for a seat with Norfolk County Council.

29-year old Amy Martin has submitted her papers to run as a councilor in Ward 6 Port Dover.

While Martin has been vocal about the need for a new multi-use sports complex, she says that won’t be the focus of her campaign.

Instead, Martin wants to focus on being an ambassador for the taxpayers of Ward 6, while also looking at ways to keep young families in the County.

Martin would also like to create an advisory board so taxpayers can be better informed about Norfolk County’s Legacy Fund.


Over $67-million was inserted into Norfolk’s Legacy Fund after the sale of Norfolk Power.

If elected, she is hopeful a new team of councilors will work together for the betterment of the entire County.

According to Norfolk County, Martin may be one of the youngest candidates Ward 6 has ever witnessed.

Martin’s entire interview is posted below: