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Landlords are off the hook: Taxpayers will continue to cover unpaid water bills

Norfolk County will continue to absorb any loses from renters who decide to skip out on their water bills.

Councillor Noel Haydt’s motion to have landlords pay delinquent water accounts from tenants failed to get support from council.

Leonard Patterson urged our elected officials to follow the footsteps of other municipalities that force landlords to cover the fee from their tenant’s unpaid bills.


Every year, Norfolk writes off about $100,000 in delinquent accounts with a majority being renters who don’t pay their bill.

In opposition to this point was George Santos.

He has many different rental properties and wondered what domino effect this decision would have on him.

On hearing the news that this issue was going to be addressed, one of his tenants approached Santos.


Everyone except Noel Haydt, who put forward the motion, voted against it.

Councillor Michael Columbus had to excuse himself from this vote, and it was a conflict of interest.