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Hundreds of drownings in Canada renews calls for improved safety

Just like the rest of Canada, Norfolk County faces a significant problem – and a preventable one: almost 500 people die every year from drowning.

With a few near drownings already reported locally this summer, the Lifesaving Society wants the public to be water safe as summer vacations begin.

The Lifesaving Society’s Wendy Schulen-Kamper encourages families to enroll their children in swimming lessons as the majority of people who drown didn’t intend to go into the water and were often within five meters of safety.


She stated that eight out of 10 boaters who drown were not wearing a life-jacket or they were not wearing it correctly.

The highest death rate occurs with young adults between the ages of 20 to 34 and baby boomers between 50 to 64-years old.

National Drowning Prevention Week begins this Sunday.