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Special weather statement in effect for Simcoe – Delhi – Norfolk

Localized areas of heavy rainfall possible today.

Showers at times heavy and possible thunderstorms are expected to affect portions of southern Ontario today.

Significant rainfall amounts are possible in some locations, as the air mass is very moist and areas of precipitation are expected to move fairly slowly.

At this point, it is difficult to say exactly which areas will be most affected.

However, some areas may receive in excess of 50 millimetres of rain.

It should be emphasized that these high amounts will likely be very localized and that the majority of the region will receive substantially less rainfall.

These rainfall amounts may have impacts in areas of poor drainage.

As well, visibility may be significantly reduced in torrential downpours.

The threat of heavy rain will come to an end late today as a front sweeps the moist air mass out of the region.