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Health Unit confirms ticks continue to spread in Norfolk County

There are more ticks in more parts of Canada now, and experts believe this could lead to more cases of Lyme disease. In Haldimand-Norfolk, the Health Unit’s senior health inspector Kris Lutzi says it’s shaping up to be a tick filled summer.


The health unit has been gathering ticks across Norfolk-Haldimand and pinpoints locations where Lyme disease is prevalent. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, there 1,479 cases across Canada in 2017 – a nearly 50 percent spike from 2016.

Lutzi says it’s paramount that people check for ticks when visiting the great outdoors this summer.

The health unit has identified Norfolk’s high-risk zones in Port Dover, Long Point, and Langton. The Health Unit recently discovered deer ticks in parts of Simcoe and Waterford.