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First Hydro-One and now sex-ed. Doug Ford delivers on his campaign promises

Ontario’s new premier says it was a “great day” for the province.

Conservative Doug Ford said yesterday he has made good on a key campaign promise in announcing the immediate retirement of the C-E-O of Ontario’s electric utility Hydro One and the resignation of its entire board of directors.

Ford campaigned on a promise to reduce electricity costs by 12 per cent, replace the Hydro One board, and to fire its C-E-O Mayo Schmidt, dubbing him the “Six-Million-Dollar Man.”

The partially privatized utility says a new 10-member board of directors will be selected by August 15th.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Lisa Thompson says the new school year will see children taught an older version of the Ontario sex-ed curriculum.

The previous Liberal government had brought in an updated sex-ed curriculum in 2015 but it sparked controversy, particularly among social conservatives.

It was the first time the curriculum had been updated since 1998 and included warnings about online bullying and sexting.

However, those who spoke against it focused on discussions of same-sex marriage, gender identity and masturbation.