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County tells the Port Dover Lions that they will have to move their stag elsewhere

The Port Dover Lions Club annual Fish Fry and Stag will have to find a new location.

The annual event typically takes place at the Port Dover Arena, including this year, but apparently, it should not have happened.

That’s because the stag portion of the show goes against a bylaw the county passed in 2017 regarding Adult Entertainment.

Though the event was not explicitly named at Townhall, it was confirmed to myFM by staff and councilors afterward.

It was noted at the meeting that the stag should not have happened because it goes against the county bylaw and it was a mistake on their part.

The rental agreement for the counties Recreational Facilities has now been amended to include these changes.

We have reached out to the Lions for a comment but have not heard back at this time.

It’s clear the group had planned on keeping this event going annually at the arena because if you go to their website, they have dates planned out to 2030.