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Council votes not to move forward with repairing Misner dam

No repair work, at least for now, on Misner Dam.

In a split vote, our elected officials decided not to move forward with hiring a company to do repairs on the Port Dover dam for the $1.5 million price tag.

Ward 6 Councillor John Wells pleaded with his fellow councillors to move forward on this project that they have spent years building up to.

He advocated that they have the expertise and the knowledge of the next steps forward when it comes to repairing the dam but if council should go down a different route like removing it, then you are going into unknown territory.

Other councillors could not stomach the idea of paying close to $2.1 million over the past decade on the dam when taking into account the $1.5 million bid to repair it.

Councillor Harold Sonnenberg, for example, said that Silver Lake is getting filled with more silt every single day and taking away the amount of water in the lake.

If you reduce the water, you reduce the pressure on the dam.

He questioned why extensive repairs are needed when the dam is doing less work than it has in years and is just getting more and more shallow.


The debate was extensive with Councillor Jim Oliver arguing that if the dam is removed that silt will end up heading down and affecting the boating industry.

Councillor Peter Black said he has never been given all the information needed to make a decision on the matter, as they have only looked at repairs, and wants to know more about every option available to council.

Councillors Noel Haydt, Harold Sonnenberg, Peter Black, Doug Brunton, and Roger Geysens voted against hiring the company to repair the dam.

Councillors John Wells, Michael Columbus, Jim Oliver, and Mayor Charlie Luke voted in favour.

A new motion was tabled to have staff come back with options on the dam, with repairs still being a viable solution that could be addressed as council just voted not to hire this company to do the repairs at this time and did not vote against repairing Misner dam in general.

While at the meeting, Ward 6 candidates Doug Long, Amy Martin, and Jeff Miller were all in attendance.

myFM asked their opinion on the matter.

Doug Long’s response…


Jeff Miller’s response…


Amy Martin’s response…


The staff report looking at all options will be presented to council on a later date.