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Council reverses its decision: Sidewalk coming at Lynndale Heights Public School

Norfolk County Council doesn’t own a time machine, but they sure know how to rewrite past events.

On Tuesday, our elected officials reversed its decision they made last week and voted to install a sidewalk on Rutherford Drive in Simcoe.

Parents at Lynndale Heights Public School asked council for the sidewalk to create better student safety.

Council initially turned it down as they felt the need for the sidewalk was no longer needed with the news that students from Elgin Avenue would no longer be attending Lynndale Heights during the next school year.

But Tuesday night, Councillor Peter Black said it was still in the interest of safety, regardless of Elgin students coming or not.

In a split vote, council approved the sidewalk which is estimated to cost a little over $32,000.

No time frame was given in the new motion.