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Council rejects sidewalk project for Lynndale Heights Public School

A decision made by Norfolk County Council to not install a sidewalk behind the Lynndale Heights Public School is not stopping parents from taking action.

Earlier this year, over 200 people signed a petition asking the county to build a sidewalk on Rutherford Drive for student safety.

The main push for the project was the fact the students from Elgin Avenue would attend Lyndale while their school went under extensive repairs.

With the facelift at Elgin Avenue on hold for now — the majority of our elected officials felt the sidewalk was no longer needed.

Like Councillor Jim Oliver.

With Norfolk County Council scrapping the sidewalk project on Holden Avenue in Simcoe — Mayor Luke asked if the $32,000 budgeted for that project could be moved to Rutherford Drive.

Council said no to the idea.

Parent Megan Allen says they won’t be giving up on this issue and says the sidewalk is needed.