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A speed reduction in Port Ryerse could be coming due to concerns from residents

It remains a waiting game for a mother in Port Ryerse who is calling on both Norfolk County Council and Norfolk’s Police Services Board to crack down on speeders — who she claims is putting her family at risk.

Karen D’Agostina owns the 1st house on Port Ryerse Road, and she says it’s becoming a safety hazard for her, her sons, and neighbors.

The speed limit at her home is 50 km/h, but before the reduction, it is 80 km/h.

Either people don’t see or ignore that sign, with D’Agostina saying cars fly by at top speeds day and night, affecting her way of life.

She has four special needs boys, and she says they can’t do things like walk the dog because of how dangerous the road is.

She went to Norfolk County Council and the Police Service Board to see if something could get done.


Police have set up cameras in the area and did note there are some speeding concerns.

County staff will be reviewing the area to see about speed reduction and a ‘Child at Play’ sign to be set up shortly.

The OPP say they are also going to inform officers of this area for Friday the 13th as it is known to be a trouble area on these days as well.

A staff report looking at the speed limit in the area will be brought to council.