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A petition calls for no sidewalk to be added to Holden Avenue in Simcoe

People living on Holden Avenue in Simcoe are coming together to make sure a sidewalk doesn’t get installed on their street.

Some on council, including Mayor Charlie Luke, were ready to cancel the project, to the delight of the 50 people who signed a petition.


Council typically approves sidewalk cancellations with ease whenever there is strong support, but Norfolk County CAO David Cribbs intervened with questions of fairness.

Cribbs told our elected officials that just a few months back they all endorsed the plan, including the sidewalks, and that a staff report should be brought up looking at the issue.


Cribbs, along with Public Works GM Lee Robinson, added that a staff report would look at the cost of not installing the sidewalk and also give people on the street more of an opportunity to weigh in on the issue.

It was discovered that at least one resident on the road did not sign the petition because they use a walker and felt a sidewalk would help their day to day life.